Brenntag Great Lakes Custom Tote Scale

A Custom Scale in a Rugged Environment 

Brenntag Great Lakes is an international solvent and chemical distributor with a St. Paul, MN production facility. Because they work heavily with chemicals, they needed a scale to weigh their stainless steel product mixing, shipping, and storage totes that could be used in a hazardous environment. A standard solution wouldn’t meet their needs, because their totes had an additional 2″ of clearance, so they contacted Weigh-Rite Scale.

After research into what equipment might work best for their hazardous environment, we found a way to use a standard scale with a special weight display and load cells that fit their unique facility. In order to add the extra height to the scale, our team custom-welded additional steel channel strips to extend the scale’s forks. This provided an easy way to raise and move their taller plastic totes.

Steve Carter, Plant Manager, and his team are pleased with the results, telling us that the scale is now “easy to maneuver with one hand versus two hands,” whereas the old unit was not. Our team is proud to have been able to help Steve and the Brenntag Great Lakes staff through a custom scale application in a tough environment that exceeded their expectations.