Truck Scales

A truck scale is a large investment, and your truck scale dealer should be there every step of the way. Weigh-Rite Scale has been providing truck scale sales and services for over 25 years in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We offer a variety of SURVIVOR truck scales built tough from start to finish.

Types of Truck Scales and Choosing a Truck Scale

Even the toughest scales are put at risk with a poor foundation. Many factors, such as the slope of the site and soil conditions, must be considered prior to construction.

Truck Scale Rentals

If you have a project coming up and only need a truck scale for a few weeks or months, we have a truck scale to fit your process. Contact us to speak to a scale specialist.

Custom Truck Scales

Every business and system is different. We offer custom consultations to get the truck scale you need for your business. Our scale sales and technician team will ensure we can get the correct scale requirements.

After Sale Truck Scale Support

We service truck scales in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Regular calibrations, inspections and cleaning will increase the lifespan of your truck scale. We offer routine service and 24/7 support so you can keep your business running. We store certifications digitally that can be retrieved and printed at any time. We will track when the scale is due for calibration and give you a call to schedule testing. Give us a call at 715-247-3364 for after-hour support or 800-446-3689 to talk about service agreement options.

We're the scale experts, so let us help make your business easier. Request a personalized consultation today.