Scale Service Agreements

Your scale service agreement with Weigh-Rite includes reliable maintenance, 24/7 service and special rates.

What is a service agreement?

A service agreement is a written agreement between Weigh-Rite Scale Co. and a customer for ongoing scale maintenance and testing. A maintenance plan isn't a binding time contract, rather it is a detailed list of the customers scale equipment and how often the customer would like their equipment tested (typically monthly, quarterly or bi-annually). The agreement includes a flat-rate price for each test run, so you never have to wonder what the testing fee will be. The agreement will also serve to designate a member of the customer's staff as the "in-plant contact," the individual with whom our maintenance crew will work with for maintenance concerns.


What will my service agreement include?

Service agreements include provisions for certain services including:


What other benefits do I receive with my service agreement?

Your service agreement will help you maintain your scales, but save on additional services from Weigh-Rite Scale, including:

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