Farm Weighing Without Leaving the Vehicle

Saving Time on the Farm

Several of Weigh-Rite Scale Co.’s agricultural customers faced a similar problem when bringing commodities onto the farm. These farmers were forced to waste time leaving vehicles parked on the scale and going to a scale shack to record needed data like the farm name, field number, and commodity. Not only was this an interruption to the smooth operation needed on a farm, but because some new models of tractors and farm equipment are required to be turned off before a driver can exit, more time and energy was wasted restarting the vehicles.

These farmers came to Weigh-Rite Scale looking for a way to speed up their weighing. Working with Sales Engineer Steve Pitschneider and Service Manager Jeff Johnson, these customers were able to start working on a solution to their problems. After analyzing the problem, Weigh-Rite Scale Co. determined that a programmable weight indicator would be a good fit, individually programmed to each farmer’s specific vehicles and their empty weight. Not only that, but each indicator was custom programmed so that the farmer could enter empty weight, farm, field number, and commodity at the start of each day. After that, the only time they would need to leave their vehicles was if any of the daily information changed. In some cases, the indicator would send data directly to their existing farm computer software, saving even more time.

Thanks to updated wireless scale technology, trucks were outfitted with wireless clickers to tell the programmable indicator when the vehicle is on the scale and to record the weight. Instead of complex back-and-forth handwriting and recording weights, the driver was now able to enter truck empty weight, farm, field, and commodity information before picking up the load, returning with a full truck, driving onto the scale, and recording weight data with a single click – with no missed loads!

From there, Weigh-Rite Scale Co. found even more ways to help farmers save time, from automatically sending information to a farmer’s computer for permanent records, or printing weight data right from the indicator. This data is a fast and accurate way to ensure that all commodities are tracked and to record yields from year-to-year, especially convenient for farmers with crop insurance who need exact records. From time-saving scale systems to the piece of mind that comes from accurate data and automatic record-keeping, Weigh-Rite Scale Co. is proud to have helped farms throughout the US improve their bottom line.